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Ficus robusta care guide

Lush plants, with large and robust green leaves, are among the most sought-after in interior decoration, as they offer visual height and fill the space with color without cluttering it. The Ficus elastica robusta is one of those great darlings in the world of indoor plants, because not only is it beautiful with its immense deep green leaves (although there are varieties with other shades), but it is fast growing and easy to care for, even for those forgetful people.

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The iconic cactus
Calathea orbifolia
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If you are looking for a tree for the

branch of the jungle that you are building inside your apartment, but you want one that is easy to care for (long-suffering, my aunt would say) then you need a specimen of this species. In addition, with this robust ficus care guide, success is assured.

Facts About Ficus Robusta

  • It is native to the rainforests of Asia. You can find it in China, India, and Indonesia.
  • It is known as rubber tree, ficus elasticatica, and rubber plant. These nicknames are due to the fact that, when cut, its stem excretes a milky sap reminiscent of that possessed by the Hevea Brasiliensis, which is the real rubber tree. Be careful because this sap can be irritating to some people.
  • The Ficus Robusta reaches a height of up to 60 meters, but don't worry that when they are inside a house in a pot, they barely reach a modest 2 meters.
  • It is much more than beauty and bearing, as it is a purifying plant. Ficus is able to filter environmental toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and others. You can add it to your collection of purifying plants.
  • Its name "Ficus" means fig and it is because it is a family of the plant that produces these delicious fruits.

Caring for the Ficus Robusta Watering The Ficus Robusta

is a very hardy plant, as long as you attend to its two main needs: watering and lighting. Contrary to what many may believe due to its appearance and origin, the ficus requires little to moderate watering. This means that it withstands drought very well and that you must make sure that the substrate is well dry before watering. If you overwater, you risk affecting the roots that can rot. Leaves are a good indicator: if you've overwatered, the older leaves (located at the bottom of the stem) will turn yellow and start to fall off.

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One way to avoid this is by watering from below. This is done by placing the plant's pot in a wide tray or container with water covering the lower third of the pot. Leave it for a couple of hours so that it can absorb all the water it needs on its own. Then take it out and let the excess drain for another couple of hours. This technique also works with succulents and other species.

Lighting &

Temperature It's the same with the Ficus as it is with the real estate market: it all comes down to the location. It is a plant that does not like sudden changes, so it is important to get that point in your space where you know that it will grow happily and that it meets its requirements. The place you choose for your tree has to allow it to absorb a lot of light, but indirectly. It comes from bright and warm regions, so you will prefer to live in a place with those characteristics. It is true that it can adapt to places with a little less light than indicated, but it will grow slow, long and with few leaves. Always remember to turn the pot from time to time so that it grows evenly and evenly.

The temperature should be rather warm, between 16 and 24° C. Avoid icy currents, because they don't like them one bit and it can affect them negatively. It is not resistant to frost, so you can shelter it at home during the winter, but pay attention to its humidity levels, because heating can take away from it.

It doesn't require you to spray it with water, but if you do it once in a while, it will appreciate it. Under normal conditions, the Ficus is not too demanding with environmental humidity, as it is a plant capable of regulating it. For this reason it is wonderful for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and dryness, because it can increase the humidity of spaces; So you can group it with other plants to offer emotional and environmental support.

Substrate and Fertilizers

The ficus tree does not demand much in terms of substrates. A universal one will suffice, much better if you top it off with some organic fertilizer. What is essential is that you take care of the drainage system of the pot. This plant is susceptible to root rot, so a good substrate should be accompanied by a pebble bottom or similar to facilitate quick and efficient drainage.

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You can fertilize a ficus tree with a well-diluted, liquid (20-20-20) universal balanced fertilizer. Apply in the spring and repeat in the summer. Avoid using too much, because you can burn the plant. Your tree is undemanding and will forgive you if you forget to water or fertilize too often.


of growing

branches is necessary to control the size and shape of the tree as it develops. If it gets enough light, you'll be surprised at how fast it can grow, so it's good to pay attention to it so it doesn't grow too long and not very bushy. If this is the case for you, control the height by cutting off the upper branches to encourage the growth of new leaves.

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As it is a plant with a lot of vertical growth, it may need a stake so that the weight of its new branches and leaves does not bend it as it doubles in size. You can use a bamboo wand or any other wood to hold it up.

Don't forget to clean the surface of its leaves frequently to remove accumulated dust. This will improve the efficiency of your photosynthesis process, plus it will make you look brighter and prettier. There are those who recommend rubbing it with substances like beer (which I don't like, because it attracts insects), but a dry cloth is enough. You can also check out this article to learn how to clean the leaves of your plants.
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