Top plants for beginners

There are hundreds of reasons for declaring oneself incapable of keeping a plant alive. Some people are forgetful, others don't have the time, and there are those who argue that they don't have the skills to take care of another living thing. There are thousands of excuses, when the truth is that having plants is much easier than you think, you just need to find the one that suits your lifestyle and space.

To help you lose your fear and discover that you are capable of taking care of a plant, we bring you this list of top plants for beginners.

why are some plants easier to care for than others?

The answer is very simple: because their natural environments have similar characteristics to those they will have in your space. Many houseplants come from tropical rainforests, where they live protected from the sun's rays by the canopy of trees, so they will survive very well in low-light environments. Other plants come from desert climates, where they receive little or no rain, so they are ideal for people who forget to water.

With plants everything is relative, as how easy or difficult it is to care for a plant will depend on your lifestyle and the environmental conditions where you live. A cactus will live without any care in any warm place, but it would be a nightmare to keep it alive in a freezing country. That's why the secret to keeping your plants beautiful and alive lies not in luck or your innate talent with nature, but in your ability to choose the species that can live in your space without having to make major modifications.

Choosing the ideal plant is like choosing the perfect pair of jeans. The size and model that fits you like a glove may look terrible on someone else and to buy it you have to know your body and your requirements. In the case of plants you have to be very honest with yourself and recognise your lifestyle, if you forget to water, if you live in a place with little light, if you have pets, if you travel a lot, among other details. You can use the Be.Green search engine to find the plant that fits these characteristics.

The best plants for beginners


Originally from Southeast Asia, this tropical rainforest climbing plant is one of the easiest plants to maintain and reproduce. Some people let it hang from the pot, but if you put a stake on it, you can make it climb and let its leaves grow in size.

Poto can be variegated, i.e. with cream spots on the leaves, or completely green.

The poto is famous for its ability to purify the environment by removing formaldehyde, xylene and benzene from the atmosphere. It grows very well in bright environments, but adapts to places with little light. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight and prefers spaced watering. Allow the soil to dry out well before watering again, you can spray it if the environment is too dry. It is very easy to propagate, just cut a stem and place it in water until it takes root and then transplant into a pot.


Jade is a type of succulent native to South Asia. These plants are so named because they come from very dry environments, so they store water in their leaves. This makes them perfect for people who travel a lot or who always forget to water their plants.

Jade is said to be a plant that attracts good luck, prosperity and abundance.

Jade requires a well-lit environment and fairly frequent watering. It needs almost no care, apart from a well-drained substrate. It can be fertilised once a year. To propagate it, you only need a small leaf or a stem. Very fast growing, beautiful and bright, perfect for beginners.


Of South African origin, this plant, also known as Tiger's tongue, snake plant and St. John's sword, is one of the hardiest plants you can grow. It grows in full light, in dark places or in partial shade. You can forget about watering it, as it requires little water.

It is surprising how hardy this sculptural plant can be.

Sanseveira is a member of the Dracaenas family and has tough leaves that can grow up to 90 centimetres tall. You can propagate it by cutting a leaf into sections and placing them directly into the substrate, where they will develop roots.


You've probably seen these showy plants that are often called bad mothers, as they reproduce through outward-flowering offspring on a long stem. They feature long, green and white leaves that droop gracefully. They are ideal for spaces with little light and require little watering, as they store water in their roots. They are perfect in hanging pots.

These beginner plants will be your first companions and will help you heal your confidence and your relationship with plants. They will show you how easy it is to decorate all your spaces with plants and allow you to regain the joy of surrounding yourself with greenery, all while purifying the space and offering you their comforting powers.

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