Peace Lily
Peace Lily
Peace Lily
Peace Lily
Peace Lily
Peace Lily Peace Lily Peace Lily Peace Lily Peace Lily
Spaththiphyllum wallisi or Peace Lily is also known as "peace flower". These plants are native to Mexico and Malaysia, they are known to bloom all year round and also purify the environment. It also tells you when it needs watering by lowering its leaves to the ground. Ideal for beginners.
Indirect light

Indirect light

Moderate irrigation

Moderate irrigation

High humidity

High humidity

Not suitable for pets

Not suitable for pets

12-15cm pot

12-15cm pot

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Spaththiphyllum wallisi or Peace Lily is also known as "peace flower".
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Peace Lily

  • Pot: 12cm
  • Height: 20-30cm
  • Not suitable for pets or children as its leaves can cause stomach upset if ingested.
  • It is sensitive to draughts, avoid leaving it exposed to the open air.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, which can burn its leaves.


  • Light: It does not need much light to survive. However, it appreciates the environments with indirect light.
  • Watering Moderate: 1 time to the week.
  • Moisture: Likes to cool down, spray its leaves once a week.
  • Top Tip: An easy way to water is to put it in the shower, a few minutes under lukewarm water and it will be delighted. Let the excess water drain off.


  • According to NASA studies, the peace lily helps filter harmful substances from the air, helping to oxygenate the environment and regulate humidity.
  • It is said to attract positive energy to the environments in which it is found.
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February 19, 2023

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February 12, 2022

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By Oscar
September 26, 2021

All very good, fast delivery. The only downside is that the plant arrived with a couple of broken stems due to transport I guess, I hope it recovers soon.

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