Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
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Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm

Its deep, elegant colour enhances natural beauty, turning any corner into a focal point of luxury and style.

  • Material of construction: ceramic
  • Pot colour: brown with glossy, textured finish.

Decorative planter, do not water indoors.

Pot size
  • Inside diameter of pot: 12cm
  • Height of pot: 14cm
How it works

Simple and mess-free use. Insert the pot in which the nursery plant comes directly into the decorative pot.

Difference between pot and planter
  • The pot is the plastic container in which your plant is transplanted and which allows the water to drain better during watering. It is responsible for keeping the roots healthy.
  • The pot is the container in which you place the pot inside and serves to prevent the soil from getting stained with soil and water. it also decorates and gives style to your home!
€14.00 €13.00 Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm
Elevate the sophistication of your small plants with this brown planter, which adds a touch of luxury and depth to your space.
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Introducing the Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm: a delightful little brown ceramic flower pot that will bring a whole lot of charm to your plants! With its 12cm diameter, it's just the right size to showcase your small green buddies in style.

Let's talk about the design, shall we? This flower pot is all about sophistication and luxury. The beautiful brown ceramic gives it a touch of elegance, while the glossy finish adds depth and character. It's like a mini work of art for your plants!

Picture this: you walk into your living room and there it is, sitting on your windowsill or coffee table, proudly displaying your favourite succulent or delicate flower. The brown colour complements any decor, blending seamlessly into your space and adding a warm and earthy vibe.

Not only does this flower pot look fabulous, but it also takes care of your plants like a true superstar! The ceramic material ensures excellent drainage, preventing water from pooling at the bottom and causing root rot. Your plants will thank you for it, trust me.

But it's not just about the practical stuff. The Salvador Flowerpot evokes a sense of joy and happiness. It brings life and nature indoors, reminding you of the beauty that surrounds us. Watching your plants thrive in this lovely pot will fill your heart with pure delight.

So go ahead, treat yourself and your plants to the Salvador Flowerpot - S/12cm. It's the perfect addition to any home, bringing a touch of luxury and a whole lot of love to your plant corner. Get ready to witness the magic as your green buddies flourish and brighten up your space!

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