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A house with a balanced energy is a place where you walk in and feel your tensions melt away. They are spaces that invite you to relax, enjoy and stay. They are places where it is provocative to be because you can almost feel the harmony. Creating such a space is easier than you think, and you can use plants to enhance the atmosphere.

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Plant Trio: Good Luck
€108.00 €43.00
Three oxygen-releasing plants
Calathea orbifolia
An exotic Calathea

According to Feng Shui, plants are living beings that are able to receive chi (vital energy) from the house and transform it, harmonizing the physical and emotional state. Although these beliefs have no scientific basis, it is proven that there are plants that purify the environment and have a positive impact on productivity, in addition to reducing anxiety and stress; So it's no surprise that they have an effect on the vibe of the home.


are plants

that are traditionally considered good luck: Jade, Rosemary, Jasmine, Bamboo, Succulents, Aloe Vera, Lavender and many others; but sometimes these plants are not appropriate for your spaces or you simply don't like them. So let's learn the characteristics of plants that can attract positive energy. This way you can choose between the ones you like:

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Healing and resilient
Areca Palm
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Tropical and hardy

  • Vigorous, leafy and abundant plants work to filter the energies of space, protect from the discordant energies of the outside, as they function as a protective wall.

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Kentia Palm
Tropical and purifying
Parlor Palm
Hard-wearing and indoor

  • Succulents move the energy of prosperity and abundance. Water is the element of money and wealth, so as these plants accumulate water in the stems and leaves they are activating prosperity. You can use jade, echeverias, sedums, and other beautiful succulents.

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Snake Plant
An oxygen pump
Bonsai Olea sylvestris (1...
A miniature olive tree

  • Plants with thorns or pointed leaves often deflect energies, prevent chi from moving fluidly in space, making them perfect for serving as protection from bad energies. For this reason, aloes and cacti should be placed at the entrance of the house or in the windows for protection.

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Bonsai Citrus myrtifolia (...
A bonsai that is different and easy to l...

  • Hanging plants are beautiful, but you want to keep them from looking languid and sad. Prune them frequently to make them look abundant and bushy. Balance them by placing a tall plant nearby.

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Tradescantia zebrina
Hanging and very resistant
The most beautiful climber

  • Plants with oval, round, or heart-shaped leaves are wonderful for harmonizing the energy of spaces. The Chinese money plant helps with prosperity, while Anthuriums are fantastic for couples' energy. Philodendrons and ficus trees can go at the entrance or in hallways, to help the flow of energy.

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Chinese Money Plant
Attracts wealth
Elephant Ear Alocasia
Tough and beautiful

  • Aromatic plants set the vital energy of the house in motion. Mint and basil contribute to improved communication, so you can keep them indoors. Lavender is amazing for bedrooms, but you can also plant it with oregano, sage, and thyme to protect and activate the harmonious energies of the home.
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