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In this edition of Plantfluencers Stories we talk to Saray Santana, a graduate in Fine Arts and a great lover of plants and nature.

Tell us a little bit about yourself....

My name is Saray, I was born in a very small village in Gran Canaria, where the smell of saltpetre can be felt from the doors of our homes. And since a few years ago, I live in Madrid.

I was accompanied by my 10 year old cat, and now we are two cats, a dog, and 90m full of plants.

I studied Fine Arts, but life takes as many twists and turns as sunrises. And I ended up getting into botany, combining it with my work with animals. Through nutrition and assisted activities.

can you tell us a bit about your Instagram account?

I try to project healthy habits through my Instagram, developing small tips, experience, and knowledge that I have acquired, and many others that I am currently acquiring, and I find it an incredible platform to unleash our creativity and share our concerns with the world.

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how do you brush your hair, how do you use the products you apply, how often do you nourish your hair, how often do you nourish your hair? 🌱🌿🥥 . These may seem like simple, quick and logical questions. But we often forget that underneath our hair, there is also skin. And that it is essential, for it to look shiny and healthy from the root, that the scalp is nourished; because that is where it is born and grows. When our hair dries out and lacks shine, the cause lies in its moisture and hydration, which means that the skin also needs it. The hair can also have other problems, such as an inadequate diet, hormonal problems, stress. It's time to start taking care of our skin... How? 🍃 Try to choose products of natural origin, which, although they have been processed, maintain a greater proportion of the molecular structure of the plant or mineral of origin. 🍃 Use natural oils, such as rosemary, coconut, almond or argan oil. 🍃 Brush starting with the ends, once, then the mid-lengths, and finish with the roots. If the brush/comb stops, start again from the bottom. 🍃 Offer nourishment through masks, at least once a week for dry, mixed hair. And every other week for oily hair. --- This week you will have available on the blog, which natural oils and which shampoos, sustainable creams I recommend. Among other accessories to take care of such an important wellbeing as our hair. ___

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how did you get into the world of plants?

My grandmother had a greenhouse where on Sundays it became one lime and another sand, putting us in the sun with the straw hat, and picking tomatoes. And when we finished - hours later - she would reward me by going into her garden. And that's where my passion for plants was born.

She taught me that they are not there to beautify but that they have hidden benefits and that they are there for a reason. This led me to become a phytotherapist and to use them for the health and well-being of both my family and animals.

how can you get a lush Monstera?

A Monstera's well-being is mainly based on light. If we forbid it the benefit of light, photosynthesis would not be possible, and thus the transformation of an inorganic substrate into energy-rich organic matter. To achieve that vivid colour, and the peculiar growth of its leaves.

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I hesitated to see you again, and I crashed against destiny. But, you knocked on the door and when I opened it, I hugged you, I kissed you, as if no time had passed, as if nothing had happened. I couldn't figure out which side of the bed you liked for breakfast. Nor that song that makes you dance. I couldn't understand what made you want to know more about me, nor that desire to see me, to take care of me. Why, why, why? I only thought I wanted to not break our deal of not going beyond bones and skin. And that the moment you brushed deeper, I'd tell you -get away. But, you stayed. You stayed without proposing, without talking about it, without making me tell you my wounds, you didn't need my stories. I confess I was afraid, very afraid. That damned mania of mine, to break everything, to spoil the beautiful thing that comes. Believing it would be better. You brought the illusion to my face, making me nervous. You knew I hadn't had a good time, but you touched me slowly. Pushing away my fears. Today, I still don't know if you like the side of the bed you wake up on, if my French toast is your favourite, but I do know how to make you dance. I know how to look at you to make you smile, I know what to do to make you want to live me. Today, one year since that moment when you knocked on the door again. That you talked to me while our dinner was being made slowly. A year since I brought you into our life. Today nothing beats my smile, with you. ---

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Many of us tend to place this type of exotic plant in aesthetic places in the house, where it hardly gets any light, and what we will get is dark leaves, causing the edges to wrinkle, and causing stains, because the substrate would not be able to dry completely.

Okay, you have to choose between only one plant in the world. which one do you choose?

My favourite plant is the Poto. It's the plant I grew up with, the first one I inherited from my grandmother and she taught me how to take care of. It is capable of beautifying any corner no matter how rotten it is, that's wonderful.

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The only thing that makes you different from me; Time. The time you spend on being a better person, on breathing. What makes you different from me is the time that underlies your biological clock, the time you spend on what you eat, on laughing, on meeting people who are really worth it. The time you dedicate to what matters, to your family, to learning about this life, the time you dedicate to your body, to taking care of your soul, to reading, to observing. The time you spend listening to your heart. But to really listen to it. The time you dedicate to yourself and not to others. The time you make this world a better place. If there were a counter for the time we spend criticising others, we would be condemned to a clock full of regrets. Imagine if all the time you spend criticising others was spent on yourself. ON BEING A BETTER PERSON. Doing better every day, getting up with a new and better purpose. On planting a fucking tree or reading a book. On trying to run a faster mile or at least enjoy it more. In being grateful and deserving of the little things in life that, without realising it, go away in every heartbeat and every breath. Or in a fateful phone call that announces that it will never embrace us again. Because I don't know if you've realised, but time is the only thing that never comes back. Hating, criticising, sickens our minds and withers our souls. Hopefully we can re-educate ourselves from this coldness, as if there were no soul, to be able to pierce the skin of others and feel less free before judging. Maybe the events that are coming to us these days -every day-, will make us a little more human... maybe 🌱 ---

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And when its growth achieves the creeper effect, it impresses me even more. It has the ability to release toxins from the atmosphere. You can really feel its potent purifying power. Although my house is not overrun with it due to its toxicity to animals. I recommend you to keep it at high altitudes, out of reach.

what is your weekly plantil care routine?

I don't always have the same routine. Because there are weeks that I dedicate to some, which involve very different care than others.

But I am very strict with their care. It is the basis for their health to flow, and therefore ours. They are there to improve your oxygen, calmness, they transmit security, their appearance is healthy.

The first thing I do is to analyse their leaves, their colour and texture. Then I detect whether they need water in them or not. As for the substrate, I always feel it with my fingers, and check if it drains to the ground, as we tend to pour water without first analysing it, and we cause an unnecessary excess of water.

I never leave leaves with water resting on them on large-leaved plants. We would cause a disorder in their leaf epidermis, and prevent their chlorophyll from taking effect in the sun, and as a consequence we would get spots, even burns.

And finally, if I see that the leaves start to have an unusual colour (yellow) or curl together. I detect a lack of potassium, and that's when I make a homemade fertiliser based on banana peels, and once a month I add this organic fertiliser.

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