Resistant Plants

A selection of plants that not only enjoy the sun as much as you do, but are also hardy and easy to look after.

Buy plants online - Hardy plants

are you one of those who have resigned yourself to having plastic plants because no plant survives? Throw those impostors away and replace them with a specimen from our catalogue of resistant plants. Here you will find true warriors, with more lives than a cat, able to withstand almost any kind of climate and lifestyle. Get in on the green wave and become one of those people capable of caring for lush plants that will be the envy of all

Our selection of hardy plants has a little bit of everything. Want a long, elegant plant? A sansevieria will suit you well, as it is almost immortal. For those who want a medicinal plant that lives well in full sun, you can get a nice rosemary. Do you prefer something small and discreet? The Cosmo aloe (cousin of the Aloe Vera) will be your ideal companion on this learning path. There are many species to choose from, or go for our trio of immortal plants

At Be.Green we believe that everyone can have beautiful plants, you just need to find the perfect species that will allow you to gain confidence. With a hardy plant you can learn everything you need to know to care for a plant properly, without fear that any little carelessness can kill it. All the species in our selection of hardy plants are superb, because they adapt easily to all kinds of environments, light conditions and can even withstand prolonged periods of drought

These plants have everything it takes to grow strong and determined, even if you forget to pay them a little attention. The tenacity of these little survivors combined with everything you'll learn from our personalised care guide (which you receive with every plant) and our unconditional support, will turn you into an expert houseplant guru. Forget the past: this is a new era for you and your plants

Taking care of the design and decoration is very important to keep your plants looking spiffy and full of life, because you will start to perceive them as a fundamental part of your spaces. That's why if you are going to create a plant corner at home, you should pay attention to the decorative pots and other details that will allow you to integrate your new plants. But don't worry, in our design section you will find everything you need: from bedside tables to shelves and lots of pots in the latest colours, finishes and designs. It's important to note that accessories can help you build new habits, so add a cool watering can and a nice pot to your order

The best thing about buying plants online is that you'll get your plant and all the accessories you need delivered to your door, in 24 hours or less. Your new green and almost immortal friends will arrive healthy and ready to fill all your spaces with colour, because we pack and transport them with great care and attention. Don't wait any longer, take advantage of Be.Green's offers and advice and be part of this green and natural era, where your plants grow and fill every corner of your home with colour.