Low light plants

They survive well in spaces with limited light, in the shade or in homes without natural light.

Buy Plants Online - Low-light Plants

Living in a place where the sun's rays barely reach you doesn't have to be an obstacle to designing a space decorated with beautiful, lush plants. What you need is to choose the perfect species and for that you can count on our support. Within our selection of low light plants you will find those warrior plants that will withstand these particular conditions


Do not think that because they are plants that do not require direct sunlight they are dull, boring or terse. Quite the opposite: low light plants are usually tropical species, with abundant foliage, which in their natural habitat grow under the shelter of large trees that filter the sun's rays. They often have beautiful colours, interesting shapes and incredible detail, and can be very hardy. You can create a dream garden inside your flat, even if it has little light


Our selection of low-light plants has species to suit all tastes: colourful and interesting calatheas, the very pretty caña muda, even medicinal plants such as Áloe Vera can survive without direct sunlight. If you don't have much experience in gardening, you can adopt a beautiful potus, which is a real warrior that survives in almost any light conditions, or a nice sansevieria. do you like flowering plants? A Peace Lily is what you need, something taller? A Kentia palm might do the trick, which is also pet-friendly


Let the details of how to care for them and contribute to their development not keep you awake at night. We will guide you through the process of getting to know your new plant, understanding its needs and how to make it happy. From the moment you choose it, because you will see a complete section with the most important characteristics, until it reaches your hands, because we take care of accompanying each plant with a sheet detailing the basic care to keep it in perfect condition, just as you received it


You may be taken with a lovely Peace Lily or an elegant Sansevieria, at Be.Green we will take care of choosing the most beautiful plants, offer you the accessories to take care of them and teach you the tricks to make them grow happily. If you need a bedside table, you want a decorative pot to match your decor or a shelf to display your plant collection, you can find them in our online plant shop. We are more than just a nursery, because we offer you comprehensive attention and services


After buying your plants and accessories, you can start preparing the space to receive them, as everything will be on your doorstep in no time. That's part of the magic of buying plants online with us: we take care of packing them with care and attention to detail so that your low-light plants arrive sparkling and beautiful in 24 hours or less. Lack of light is no excuse: these low-light plants will be able to accompany you in the twilight


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