Houseplants that bring good luck

did you know that if you combine 2 or 3 specific plants you will be boosting the energies of love, prosperity and good fortune? do you know the plants that can help you improve your prosperity? Today we want to focus on these indoor plants that attract good luck to help you create a little green sanctuary to nourish the good vibes and energies in your home.

why use plants for luck?

It's common to hear that it's necessary to have plants at home, as they are able to inject life into spaces. You've probably seen it: a dull, dreary room is completely transformed by the presence of a simple plant. This is no coincidence. According to Feng Shui, plants possess their own vital energy and are capable of balancing the chi, the energy, of a place.

This is not as far-fetched as it sounds, as scientific studies have proven that the presence of plants in different spaces are capable of transmitting calm, reducing stress and helping with the management of anxiety, depression and other mental conditions, as well as helping to increase concentration. Plants have a direct effect on the way we feel, act and perceive our spaces.

Traditionally, plants have been assigned symbolism and correspondences. For example, rue is said to eliminate negative energies and illnesses.

This is because these strong-smelling plants were used in preparations to ward off disease-causing insects, while others had antibacterial properties. These traditional remedies worked, but not because they warded off evil spirits, but because they attacked the causes of disease.

In other cases, the plants were consecrated to deities who were in charge of watching over that particular aspect. For example, the rose is consecrated to Aphrodite and therefore they are the flowers of love par excellence. These correspondences have been transferred to our times, perhaps they no longer have the practical use but the symbol remains.

Plants to change your luck

To attract prosperity

Chinese money plant: this is a classic of Feng Shui. According to this ancient art, plants with rounded leaves attract the best chi and in the case of this species, the leaves remind us of coins. Although you can place it anywhere in your home, it looks much better in the bagua dedicated to prosperity, which is usually at the back and to the left, counting the entrance of your house as the starting point.

They say it works best when given as a gift, because you are generously sharing your wealth.

Millionaire: Plectranthus Australis or millionaire plant, as it is known, is a perennial that can live in semi-shade. It is very easy to care for and its rounded, small and very abundant leaves reproduce quickly.

Tradition has it that there is no lack of money in a house with this plant, so it is a good gift for a person who has just moved in.

Jade: this beautiful succulent with rounded leaves is a must in Chinese homes. As it also has balancing properties, enhances peace and harmony, it is also placed in the bagua at work and at the entrance of the house.

To eliminate bad vibes

Cactus: according to Feng Shui, cactus thorns are great for bouncing discordant energies so they should be placed at the entrance and other places where you want to counteract that energy.

In other cultures, their thorns are considered to be a symbol of protection against bad vibes; they are also hardy plants, which can withstand almost any adversity and therefore represent resilience.

Peace Lily: Symbolises peace, harmony and pure love. It represents healing, peace and tranquillity. Some people associate it with the Virgin Mary. As if that were not enough, this plant is one of those used to purify the environment and eliminate toxins, so it will do a magnificent job of cleansing on all levels.

Sansevierias: or snake plant. Because of its elongated, pointed shape it is also known as St. George's sword. It is believed to eliminate negative energies, attract money and prosperity.

It is also part of the air purifying group of plants, so it will also do wonders for the air quality in the room where it is placed.

Areca Palm: The palm's elongated shape and abundant leaves are perfect for clearing all discordant energy from your home. According to Feng Shui its fluidity is perfect for softening energy.

It is also able to purify the air and is very easy to care for; not for nothing is it the darling of the office.

To attract love

Orchids: The Greeks considered them a symbol of fertility and virility. According to Feng Shui, orchids are the plants that represent dedication, delicacy, commitment and beauty of love.

It is recommended to place them in the bagua of relationships, although you can have them almost anywhere to increase these energies.

Roses: one of the many legends tells that, being born from the foam of the sea, Aphrodite wanted to test her powers by creating something as beautiful as herself. The white rose sprang from her breast and she placed it in her hair, becoming her symbol.

There are varieties of rose that are small, called Dog Roses that can be grown indoors. However, placing roses in vases also works to attract this energy.

Ferns: Ferns are abundant, require a lot of moisture to grow and are said to correspond with long, stable and prosperous relationships. It is also related to prosperity, so it will enhance the energy that corresponds to the bagua where it is placed.

If you are not quite sure what combinations to make, you can opt to purchase the trio of purifying plants. Not only will they remove toxins from the environment and bad vibes, but they also contain plants for prosperity and love.

Don't miss out on the good luck trio either, chosen to boost prosperity, fortune and love.

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