what do plants need to live?

Learn about the essential nutrients your plant needs to grow optimally.

Main elements that plants need to live

Plants are composed of water, organic elements and mineral salts. In their natural habitat, they are able to provide themselves with most of the nutrients and elements they need to live.

However, the cultivated plants that adorn our homes and workplaces need a little help from us to grow healthy and beautiful.

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The three essential elements:

  1. Light - Light is essential to carry out the process of photosynthesis. During this process, plants absorb carbon dioxide particles, which are harmful to our health, and release oxygen into our lungs.

Some species can live indoors in low light. However, most of them will progressively lose their colour and even succumb if they do not receive the doses of light they need.

  1. Oxygen and carbon - Without these two elements, which they obtain from water and air, plants would simply cease to exist.
  2. Water - Plants get the hydrogen they need from water. All the minerals they need are dissolved in water, which they absorb through their roots. At a glance, you can tell when a plant is dehydrated because its leaves curl up, lose their colour, its flowers dry up and the fruit shrivels.

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Main macronutrients needed by plants

what are macronutrients? They are the elements that plants need in the greatest quantity:

  1. Nitrogen - It is responsible for the healthy looking leaves of plants, and makes the plant develop strong and vigorous. A nitrogen deficiency causes the plant to lose its green colour and turn progressively yellower. A special nitrogen fertiliser is available in our shop.

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  2. Potassium - Helps to form stomata, which in turn control the cells that absorb CO2. A deficit of potassium will cause the leaves to become yellow, brittle, and less resistant to lack of water.
  3. Phosphorus - Promotes root and flower development. A phosphorus deficiency causes the leaves to turn dark and purple.
  4. Calcium - Indispensable for plant cells to divide. Deficiency will result in your plant's leaves becoming undersized.
  5. Magnesium - Magnesium is one of the essential components of chlorophyll. Deficiency of this element will influence the colour of your leaves, which will lose their vibrant, healthy tone.
  6. Sulphur - Deficiency of sulphur causes stems to grow less, veins and newer leaves to turn yellowish and fruits to be of lower quality.

Useful tips for caring for your plant

  • Some plants need to keep the substrate constantly moist, while others need only occasional watering. Water requirements will depend on the type of plant, but also on the time of year, environmental conditions and even the location.
  • The substrate must be of good quality, well-drained and rich in organic material on which the plant can feed.
  • Nutrients are essential for the good development of the plant. If necessary, nutrients can be added in the form of fertiliser, liquid fertiliser, etc.
  • In your trusted nursery you will find all kinds of substrates, fertilisers, organic products, fertilisers and everything you need for your favourite plants to grow beautiful and healthy.

For your plants to look radiant and beautiful all year round, all you have to do is give them the care and pampering they need.

Watching them grow is a real pleasure.

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