what plants to put on a terrace?

I love to stroll around the city, looking up from time to time, because I like to discover terraces full of plants. My favourites are the ones that display an incredible selection of plants and flowers that turn them into a capsule of nature in the middle of the city. The effect is incredible.

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If you want to be part of this select club of people who have built a magical corner in their own home, we'll tell you what plants to put on a terrace.

Get to know your terrace

The first step before rushing to fill the Be.Green shopping cart with the plants you like the most, is to define the characteristics of the space. what is the orientation of the terrace? is it covered? If it is facing north, you should look for species that do not require direct sunlight, if it is facing south then you should prefer plants that can withstand direct sun on them. This is essential to keep the plants alive and ensure their development and growth.

On the other hand, consider the temperatures and seasonal changes in the area where you live, as well as your lifestyle. If you want to decorate a holiday terrace or if you travel frequently, for example, it is not advisable to choose plants that require a lot of maintenance. Remember that success in growing plants lies in finding the right species for your habits and space.

Don't forget to take into consideration the size of the space you have, so that you buy plants that are proportional to it.

The hardiest plants for terraces

It is possible to make incredible designs with plants, playing with their height, fall, colours and more. But if you have come here wanting to learn from scratch what plants you can put on a terrace, I prefer to guide you towards the most beautiful and resistant ones that can act as a base for you to create a more personalised terrace design when you feel more confident and have got the hang of your terrace and its environmental conditions.

Plants that are a must for your terrace are:

- Boxwood

Boxwood is an outdoor classic. Firstly because it is an evergreen plant, i.e. it remains green and leafy even in winter, and secondly because it requires minimal maintenance. It can live in sun or semi-shade and is not very demanding when it comes to watering. Boxwood can be planted in pots or containers, and will grow according to the space you provide for its roots.

It has nice volume and texture, so it looks great in combination with other plants.

- Sansevieria

I don't think I could ever make a list of hardy plants without mentioning the sansevieria or snake plant, and it's perfect for outdoors. It adapts to any lighting conditions, doesn't require much maintenance, is easy to propagate and its vertical lines make it perfect for adding height and dimension to any space.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Snake Plant
An oxygen pump
Silver Pothos
A silver pothos

- Begonias

If you want flowering plants that are easy to care for, begonia are your ally. They have beautiful, colourful blooms and you can get a great variety. They are perfect for north-facing or roofed terraces, because they prefer semi-shade or indirect light.

If you are attracted to pretty leaves, try a begonia maculata. They look beautiful.

- Cyclamen or Persian violet

This plant has very pretty leaves, but its most attractive feature is that it flowers from autumn to spring. It is very resistant to low temperatures, requires only moderate watering and is perfect for north-facing terraces or roofed terraces because it prefers semi-shade.

It is very easy to care for.

- African Iris

Also known as Agapanthus, this plant has lush green foliage and produces beautiful white or blue bunches of flowers. It is ideal for outdoors, blooms from spring to summer and can withstand low temperatures.

It tolerates full sun, but is best in semi-shade.

- Bungavilla

This outdoor plant tolerates full sun very well. It is a climber and can reach a considerable height, depending on where it is planted. It produces beautifully coloured flowers from spring to autumn.

It requires little water, although it does not like very low temperatures.

- jade tree

This is a succulent plant and as such is almost immortal. It can grow very large if it is in a big pot and if it gets enough light, it will give you abundant, small and very pretty white flowers. It can withstand full sun as well as semi-shade.

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Carassula ovata
Die hard and beautiful
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
It loves humidity and regulates it

- olive Tree

Olive trees are fantastic because as long as they have the abundant, direct light they need, they will cope very well even with little watering. They can reach a considerable height and have a nice shape. Plus, the meaning of peace, prosperity and success make it the perfect amulet for your terrace.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Olive tree
Tough and beautiful
Calathea Medallion
Regulates humidity

Once you have the perfect plants for your terrace, you can start thinking about the accessories: coffee tables, decorative pots with shapes and figures, shelves and chairs to spend the afternoon and take the fresh air will become essential to create the atmosphere you need.

You can visit the accessories section of our online shop, I'm sure you will find the perfect accessory.
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