A must-have for the festive season: a Christmas pine tree

If you're suffering because you don't have the space to put up a Christmas pine tree. The good news is that you don't have to do without this wonderful tradition, as you can buy dwarf pine trees planted in pots. want something even more convenient? You can buy them in a set that includes lights and decorations. It will arrive on your doorstep, ready to fill your home or office with Christmas spirit.

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The tradition of Christmas pines

It is said that in the year 740 St. Boniface, who evangelised part of Europe, took the pagan Winter Solstice tradition of taking an oak tree and decorating it to represent the Idrasil or Tree of the Universe and assimilated it into Christianity. He replaced the oak with a pine tree as a symbol of God's undying love and eternal life. Some attribute this change to Luther.

A pine tree was chosen because of its characteristics. They are hardy, centuries-old trees, which remain green and radiant even under the harsh conditions of winter. Moreover, it has a triangular shape, which would also represent the Holy Trinity. This first Christmas tree was decorated with apples and candles to symbolise the light of divine grace and temptation. By the 17th century, the tree began to be decorated with garlands and coloured spheres to add a bit of colour and festivity to the harsh winter.

This tradition arrived in Spain at the end of the 19th century and has been maintained to this day, to the point where it is almost impossible to imagine Christmas without a pine tree. Perhaps for us it no longer has the same religious meaning, but it does symbolise family togetherness, the joy of the festivities and it is certainly the protagonist of beautiful childhood memories.

Care of the potted pine tree

If you've decided on a nice miniature pine tree to soak up the festive spirit, then you should know that one of the great advantages is that you're getting a living plant, which can survive until next Christmas if you take proper care of it.


In many unscrupulous nurseries, young trees are cut down and placed in a pot with soil and barely survive the month of December. For this reason it is worth asking about the species of pine tree you are buying, whether it is adapted to life indoors and in a pot. An excellent option is to buy from online plant nurseries, which guarantee the integrity of their plants.

Lemon pines or cupressus macrocarpa are one of the most commonly sold species for this purpose. You can also find pinus plumilla which is also known as dwarf pine. Both species, among many others, are ideal to have at home all year round and to decorate at Christmas. Follow these simple recommendations to keep it green and strong:
  • -It is advisable to place the dwarf pine in semi-shade, as it requires some light. Don't worry about the temperature. They are very resistant to extreme climates, both hot and cold, although their ideal temperature is between 10 and 25°C.
  • Watering will depend on the season. In winter it should be watered to keep the soil moist, but be careful not to water the roots, which are very delicate and can easily rot. If the weather is very dry, it is advisable to spray a little water on the branches. In summer it should be watered more frequently, to prevent the soil from drying out; 3 or 4 times a week will be enough.

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  • It is important that the pots have good drainage, to facilitate root development and prevent excess moisture. If you feel that the pot has become too small or waterlogged, you can transplant it. Try to remove the whole plant and place it in the new pot as it is, supplementing it with more substrate. Do not remove the soil from the roots or move them as they are very delicate.

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  • You should fertilise your dwarf pine every 3 months, ideally with a conifer fertiliser or one that is acidifying. Pruning will also help it to keep its shape, so that it grows abundant, compact and lush. This can be done in autumn.

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  • When putting up Christmas decorations you should be careful not to mistreat the leaves, bend them or fracture them. Avoid hanging heavy things that can deform them. Another precaution to take with your miniature pine tree is to keep it away from the heating, as this will detract from its humidity and slowly scorch the branches.

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December can be a hectic month. As well as work, you're bound to have social obligations, get-togethers, shopping for gifts for the family and much more. Decorating for the season can seem more like torture than pleasure, especially if you're short on space. Maybe you do have time to go to a shop to buy a miniature pine tree, but you don't know how to choose a healthy, well-cared-for one. Don't worry, the experts at Be Green are here to help you.

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When you buy one of our sets you'll receive a beautiful, healthy plant, plus all the decorations you need to deck it out for the holidays. If you feel that's not enough, then you can purchase some poinsettias or poinsettias that will complement the Christmas look for your space. You'll get everything in a jiffy, on your doorstep and ready to become the stars of your Christmas decorations.

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