which plant best suits your personality?

I think we have all at some point in our lives taken a personality test or sought help from astrology to understand ourselves a little better. It's not just about knowing what we like or what motivates us, because these are things that can change over the years, but about understanding who we are at a much deeper level, our true essence. Knowing ourselves gives us valuable information to guide our lives, even to choose the perfect plant. Believe it or not, there is an ideal plant for everyone and your personality type can help you find it.

Personality Vs Plants

Choosing a plant is almost like choosing a pet. Plants are living things, dependent on you for what they need to live, so it's important to understand that you should adopt those that suit your lifestyle. In fact, when people claim that they have no hand in caring for plants and that they all die, the vast majority of the time it is because they have chosen a plant that is not compatible with their personality and the way they organise their life and time.

Being honest with yourself, understanding how you function, what you like and what you are willing to do is fundamental to finding a plant that suits you perfectly. Knowing your personality can help simplify this task, as it gives you the clues you need to know what your approach to life experience is like and how you might care for a plant. For example, if you have a vibrant, risk-taking personality that is always on the move and you never know what time you will return home or if you will go on an adventure for a week, you may not want a high maintenance plant like a Fittonia that requires frequent watering and tending, but a succulent like a Sansevieria would suit you just fine.

The first step then is to take a personality test. It can be the 16 personalities test (which is very accurate and fun) or the Big 5 test to get to know a little more about yourself in depth and learn which traits are dominant in the way you act. That done, you can read our list and go for your perfect plant.

Plants that go with your personality

Personality encompasses a lot of characteristics that make you a unique person. The way you act, the things that move you on an emotional level, the way you reason in a situation, are all part of your personality and are shaped by the interaction you have throughout your life with biological and environmental factors. A person can have different traits, which together make up the personality.

For this reason it is normal to feel that you identify with different aspects, even if they may seem contradictory. For example, you may be introverted but have a very cheerful temperament. That said, if you feel that your personality encompasses two or more traits, don't hold back because you can have all of these plants if you wish. To make the process easier, we've created two categories: personality traits and lifestyle, to help you choose the one that suits you best.

According to personality traits

  • Extroverted and cheerful

People with this personality type are very curious, love challenges and new experiences and love to be original. If you are extroverted you won't identify with a boring and plain plant, you will want something that reflects your bubbly and fun personality. Some of the plants that will suit you are:

- Ctenanthe Burle Marxii: This is a type of Marantha that has very curious patterns on its leaves. It can get very lush and has amazing colours.

- Monstera deliciosa: Monstera is not an exotic plant, but it does have an expansive personality, is lush and spreads quickly. It is perfect for extroverts because of its striking size and shape.

  • Very sociable:

They are people who recharge their batteries by sharing with others. They love to work in teams and share their experiences, they are great at making connections with other people and creating bonds in the blink of an eye. They are amazing individuals, the kind of people who go out to buy something and end up with 5 new friends and who are able to make others feel comfortable and at ease. For them the most compatible plants are:

- Chinese money plant: Pilea peperomioides is also called the plant of friendship, because it produces small buds that you can give to your friends and acquaintances. Tradition has it that this plant should be given as a gift to attract the energy of prosperity and abundance.

- Begonia Maculata: The first thing that strikes you about this variety of begonia are the dots on its leaves. It prefers to be indoors, away from direct sunlight but where it has enough light. It loves to be surrounded by other plants and is very easy to propagate by cuttings, so you can give it as a gift to all your friends.

  • Introvert

Introverts are individuals who prefer small groups and need time alone to recharge their batteries. An introvert feels out of place in crowded activities and prefers to have time to cultivate their inner world alone. They are wonderful people, as they achieve a deep and valuable level of introspection, so they can give the best advice. For these people the most appropriate plants are:

- Peace Lily: these plants bloom all year round and also have purifying properties. They have a minimalist, beautiful flower, which stands out shyly from the deep green leaves. It adapts to any environment, even if it has little light. It symbolises peace, confidence and purity making it an ideal gift for anyone going through a difficult time or a big change in their life.

- Raven Plant: Zamioculcas are magnificent plants that need virtually no care. They prefer to be indoors, don't require frequent watering and if you leave it alone and to its own devices, then it will reward you with beautiful, shiny, very green leaves that look like the wings of a bird.

- Cactus: Cacti are a type of succulent that enjoy their solitude. Unlike other plants that prefer to be in groups to maintain humidity, a cactus is beautiful and interesting enough to grace a space on its own. Very handsome, non-invasive, slow growing and very easy to care for.

  • Shy

A shy person tends to be reserved, has higher standards for trusting someone and may find it more difficult to interact in social situations, especially when it comes to taking the initiative as they have high levels of anxiety. They prefer to keep a low profile, avoid being the centre of attention and many may be introverted. Shy people just need a little more time to feel confident and be able to reveal the richness of their inner world. Plants that suit them best are:

- Calathea Triostar: this beautifully coloured plant will become the star of your decor, especially as it has a habit of gathering its leaves in the evenings and spreading them out in all their glory when there is sufficient lighting, just as a shy person allows themselves to shine when they feel confident.

- Ivy: what stands out most about ivy is the beautiful shape of its little leaves, but also the way it grows almost without us noticing, turning into a beautiful green cascade. This beauty is very easy to care for and adapts very well to different environments.


- Calathea Roseopicta: Fall in love with its leaf patterns and be amazed by its habit of lifting its leaves when the day falls. This plant loves humidity, indirect light and prefers not to be moved around too much.

- aloe Vera: While this plant is very easy to care for, it has wonderful healing properties. The crystals extracted from the inside of its leaves are great for skin problems, stomach problems and even treating anaemia. It is perfect for those who always want to help others.

  • Anxious

There are people whose natural response to various stimuli is anxiety. They inevitably think over and over again about the possible consequences, work out different scenarios and while they are ready for all possible outcomes, the emotional burden of anxiety is not easy. For these people, gardening can be an excellent ally, especially if you grow these plants:

- Blue star fern: It improves humidity levels in spaces, but this handsome fern can also help you with anxiety, especially since it's easy to care for and grows so well.

  • Perfectionist

We all know someone whose life goal is to do everything to the best of their ability. It is that person who always wants to give more, who is not afraid to compete with others and who tries their best because they like to win and their goal is excellence. You need plants with high standards, which are able to adapt to this personality that always wants the best.

- Sansevieria: these plants not only have clean, minimalist lines, but they are also almost immortal. They are able to adapt to any environmental conditions to grow and reproduce successfully. It always succeeds, nothing can stand against it.

- Calathea Lancifolia: Calatheas are known to be more or less demanding plants, but when you understand their needs they become the most glorious decorative elements you can find. It has showy leaves, interesting patterns and captivating colours.

Depending on your lifestyle

  • The absent-minded

You forget everything, maybe you have a different way of processing information or maybe you're just too busy. It doesn't matter, because you can have the plants that suit you. Just in case, look for the trio of immortals in our catalogue.

- Sansevieria: This stylish plant is immortal. It requires little watering and attention, doesn't care where you put it, and even prefers to be overlooked a little.

- Potos: Potos also withstands almost any kind of lighting, prefers you forget to water it and is able to survive on very little. It has beautiful colours and grows very large, so you can easily reproduce it.

  • The minimalist

If you are the type of person who prefers to avoid the accumulation of objects that produce visual noise, who prefers sober and well-kept lines, then you need plants that don't break the visual harmony of your spaces like these:

- Lemon Dracaena: Known as dragon silver, it is an African plant characterised by its long stems, crowned by a cluster of beautiful leaves. It purifies the air and is said to improve concentration.

- Pink Orchid: while it requires a little more care, you'll love the contrast between the low leaves and the long stems from which the beautiful flowers sprout. If you are a little more responsible with plants, this will be your favourite.

  • The animal lover

This person knows that their pet is part of the family and is not afraid to make the necessary changes to ensure their furry friend's health, even going without plants. There are many houseplants that are toxic, but these are very safe and you can have them even if your dog or cat decides to chew on them:

- Kentia palm: perfect for decorating living rooms and other spaces where you require greenery and a tropical feel. The Kentia palm is easy to care for, beautiful and completely safe for your pet.

- Boston Fern: preferred by those who want to increase humidity levels in the home and purify the environment. Also regulates static electricity in the environment.

  • The Traveller

You're the kind of person who comes home to unpack and pack a new suitcase. You don't even have time to go grocery shopping because you're constantly on the move. Whether you travel a lot for work or for pleasure, you don't have to refrain from having natural plants at home if you choose the right ones:

- Potus: Potus are very drought tolerant, in fact they prefer it. You can water them every 1 or 2 weeks as long as they are not in full sun. These plants are almost immortal, so you are sure to find them alive after your travels.

- Tradescantia: This plant is known as "man's love" because it grows everywhere. It is very easy to care for, grows very well, does not require much watering or fertiliser. It grows in cascades and will add a lot of colour to your space.

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