Cross your fingers and plant jade at the entrance: Which plants are good luck to have at home?

There are many superstitions and beliefs that claim that it is possible to change one's luck with the help of amulets that bring good energies, capable of attracting good luck in the home. These beliefs and customs include a large number of plants that attract good luck.

do plants work for good luck?

Your life will not change just because you have a few lucky plants. If you have made a series of disastrous financial decisions, don't think that having a money tree will magically make your debts disappear.

But it has been found that having good luck charms can actually help you improve your performance, because they have a positive psychological impact. Charms contribute to improving people's confidence, expectations and persistence, improving their performance.

So, having lucky house plants may not bring your credit card balance down to zero, but it may give you that extra dose of self-confidence to increase your productivity and boost your income.

The simple change in attitude can work wonders. In conclusion, if you believe that there are plants that bring good luck and that having a Chinese money plant will transform your prosperity, it will most likely work; likewise if you believe that a carnation brings bad luck, it will.

The easiest plants for good luck and fortune to care for

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the ultimate good luck plant. Not only because its properties include the ability to trap negative energies and transmute them into positive ones, protecting the people who inhabit the space, but also because it has many medicinal uses. It is a hardy plant, easy to care for. It is said that when it blooms it is in a very positive environment and is indicative of the good fortune of that family.

  • Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese pilea or money plant is one of those houseplants that bring good luck according to the precepts of Feng Shui. It is preferred that the plant has about 3 to 5 interwoven stems to be more effective in attracting prosperity and wealth. Avoid having 4 plants of this type, as it is bad luck. In case you are in doubt as to whether the money plant is an indoor or outdoor plant, know that it is an indoor plant, as it prefers indirect light.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the plants that attract luck according to many cultures. It has a strong trunk, grows abundantly and expands if it has the space to do so. It is often associated with protection, wisdom, health and recovery. It is also used as a prosperity charm and, when hung on doors and lintels, it protects against disease and repels thieves. It is the most beloved lucky plant in many cultures and traditions.

  • Jade:

Jade is a species of succulent that is very hardy and easy to care for. It is considered a good luck plant thanks to feng-shui, which prefers abundant plants with rounded-edged leaves and smooth surfaces, as these reflect and conduct chi better. They are usually placed in the baduas of money, health and fame.

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