Feng Shui and decoration with plants for the office

We have been hearing about Feng Shui for years and, although it seems like an attractive idea, not many of us have taken the plunge to experiment with it in our own spaces. But perhaps now, at a time when we are spending more time at home due to the popularisation of teleworking, is a good time to learn more about this ancient Chinese philosophy and how to apply it in a simple way.

Feng Shui literally means "wind-water" and is an ancient Chinese art that aims to use energy forces to improve the harmony of our environment. As such, it is possible to decorate a home or your workplace using Feng Shui to improve its good energy flow, while creating a more balanced and comfortable habitat.

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Colours in Feng Shui

As we have already mentioned, Feng Shui means wind-water, and from this philosophy comes the first principle: the world is divided into natural elements which, in addition to these, include the importance of wood, fire, earth and metal.

Balancing these elements in a workspace is what will ensure harmony and consequently happiness in the office, as each element invokes a different mood.

Similarly, each element has its colours. For example, for water and what it symbolises, Feng Shui indicates that you use blue and black. For wood, green and brown. For fire, red, yellow, orange, violet and pink. Earth is light yellow and light brown. Finally metal is white and grey.

Combine all these colours in your workspace and get a balanced, harmonious and stable place, where you will improve your work capacity and concentration.

The orientation of the elements in your office

The second principle of Feng Shui has to do with the best orientation of the elements in a space. To do this, an energy map is used to help you determine how to give your workplace an energetic makeover. In fact, it relates each room to a specific area of your life.

Feng Shui, what it does in this case, is to approach each space as a unique entity to ensure that it is well balanced and that each element is present through a representative piece of décor. For example, earth can be represented by ceramics and landscape paintings. Metallic decoration, on the other hand, is supported by the element of metal. Candles are perfect for the element of fire and wooden frames, for example, as well as plants, are the perfect candidates for making the element of wood present in your office.

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A workspace with good energies

Feng Shui aims to create a space with good energies. As such, it is important to get rid of anything that weakens the energy, such as dirt and clutter. Anything that is broken, as well as dying plants and scattered things, should be removed.

Furniture should be placed in such a way that it does not collide with your back; also, try to create a sense of intimacy. Therefore, arrange seating in small groups and make sure that all spaces and corners have access to light. Use floor lamps where possible.

Mix feminine and masculine décor to suit your taste. A thoughtful selection of décor will help maintain a sense of order. Also, keep in mind that heavy pieces should be balanced with softer elements for a more balanced effect.

Use circles, as they represent harmony and unity. Therefore, it is considered a favourable pattern to adopt over lines. When it comes to furniture, opt for those with rounded edges with plenty of room to breathe, so that energy flows around them.

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Plants in your office according to Feng Shui

Let's start at the beginning: Do you have a home office? Then you need it to be in a dominant position where you feel in charge. Therefore, place your desk where you can see the entrance. Likewise, don't place your desk in front of the window or else your creative energy will go out the window. If you desperately want a good view, place your desk so that the short side just lines up with the window.

Once you have all this arranged in the way we have explained, introduce the plants. They bring a vibrant energy, as we have already mentioned, but they should always be healthy, as they help to bring energy back into the space. So, place a potted plant near a large window without curtains, a good way to keep the energy inside the space.

Place some mirrors, which belong to the water element, near the plants. use them wisely and balance them with wood or ceramic but never place them directly in front of the front door or the energy entering the workspace will flow outwards.

The best houseplants will add just the right amount of colour and life to your office, but what about health and wealth? Growing a small indoor garden is also recommended according to Feng Shui.

On the other hand, it turns out that placing certain plants can bring good feelings and luck and banish negative vibes. So, to counteract negative energy, place a plant within one metre of your computer to filter out negative energy. Plants will radiate harmonious energy simply because they are living things.

Aloe Vera, a succulent plant, fights bad luck and negative energy and is known to clean the air and reduce toxic chemicals.

Jasmine, on the other hand, attracts some positive romantic feelings. This fragrant flowering plant helps strengthen relationships and its scent can help calm a stressed mind. Experts recommend placing jasmine near a south-facing window.

On the otherhand, luckybamboo is a great plant for Feng Shui enthusiasts. It brings a very peaceful and wise energy to the office and, as it is easy to grow and does not require a lot of sunlight, it is a very flexible plant.

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And that's because houseplants add a daily sense of grounding and nourishment. Plants also soften the hard angles of a space and evoke the feeling of being in the middle of nature, where everything tends to have more curves and softness. To achieve this, stay away from cacti and plants covered in thorns.

Finally, we recommend some other plants: Philodendron, with its heart-shaped leaves, represents the element of fire and can add excitement to a dark or cold part of your space. In addition, the Calatheas, besides being a highly decorative plant, improves the harmony of spaces, purifies the air and promotes a better indoor environment.

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Jade, which in feng shui is known as the money tree (because the round leaves symbolise good fortune) is an ideal plant for your professional career to also be financially fruitful . Finally, with the Ficus you will be able to create separations in the different environments, making your space more orderly and, therefore, improving your concentration.

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